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Q: How many steps to complete the Application?

Answer: There are number of steps involved  to apply for the scholarship

Part A

Step 1:   Click here to Start your Scholarship Application

Step 2:    Click here to Submit Facebook Profile Link

Step 3:    Click here to Submit Twitter Profile Link

Step 4:    Click here to Submit Google+ Profile Link

Step 5:    Click here to Submit Instagram Profile Link

Step 6:    Click here to Submit Pinterest Profile Link

Step 7:    Click here to Submit Linkedin Profile Link

Step 8:    Click here to Submit Skypeid Profile Link

Step 9:    Click here to Submit Professional Skills

Step 10:    Click here to Submit Personal Information

Step 11:    Click here to Submit an 1000 word Essay

Step 12:    Click here to Submit a Video

Step 13:    Click here to Submit Request for Information Verification

Step 14:  Review of your Application by our office within 4 weeks(usually withine one week) from date of completion of the application and you will be notified via email with our decision. Wishing you the best.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I am interested in applying, what should I do?
Answer: It is easy, simply click on the following link and follow the process with FOCUS:

Question: How can I get votes?
Answer: Please click on this link and follow the insturctions with focus:

Question: Why votes are required?
Answer: There are two MAJOR reasons and 1 minor reason:

1- To AVOID fake profiles which is MAJORITY from pakistan unfortunately. Real people have friends to vote for and fake usually do not.

2- Test the applicant’s skills their ability to explain their friends and get them follow the instructions to get vote. That is MUST skills when dealing with potential clients while working online.

3- Last one is helping P-SEA to spread the word so your friends can take advantage of this P-SEA Scholarship too however it is minor one. We like to promote the culture of sharing is caring. We like to be transparent in our process and now you know it. Wishing you the best.

Question: How can I improve my Facebook Profile?
Answer: Please watch this video and facebook case study profile improvement and take appropriate action on your FB profile.

Question: I do not have a Twitter id, what should I do?
Answer: In case you do not have twitter id, please sign up at and get your own Id. It is FREE. Yes it is must part of the application process. Your twitter profile link will look like this: You need to submit your OWN twitter profile link at this page:

Question: What is the Skypeid and how can I get it?
Answer: Your Skype ID is this ID that you are using to login to Skype application.
If you have created your Skype account using the Microsoft Account option (, then your login ID is your email address (

If you have created your account using the regular Skype account option (, then your login ID is the Skype name that you have selected when creating this account.

Question: Why my application is rejected?
Answer: We only approve completed applications. However here are the top 3 reasons for application rejection. Make sure that you are NOT doing these mistakes on your application.

Question: What is P-SEA all about? I am confused.
Answer: Please watch this video.

Question: I have completed the scholarship application and waiting for approval for more than one week now.
Answer: Usually we approve the completed application within one week. If you have completed all the steps listed on this page:

AND it is has been over ONE week in waiting, then please provide inbox us your your email and application #  on facebook page ( ) and we will be happy to look for you.

Question: I need help in writing Essay
Answer: The topic of the essay is: “Why should We Provide you a P-SEA Scholarship?”.

It should be 800-1000 words and well-written English with no grammar mistakes.

TIP: Use googles chrome browser and use the free tool to correct your grammar while writing the essay.

correct your grammar. That makes an easy.

Now you have ZERO excuses of spelling mistakes in your essay.

Here is the link to submit an essay:

Question: How I receive my Earnings or Money?
Answer: You will receive your earnings through fiverr using the payoneer card. The process is completely explained here in this video:

Please FOLLOW that carefully, once you understand it its entirety, there is the button below the video to apply for the card.

Question: How I withdraw money from my payoneer card?
Answer:  Watch this

Question: Please tell me more about Al-Sharif Foundation and its activities.
Answer: Please visit AND Watch this interview with founder. Conversation with Founder of Al-Sharif Foundation

Any Other Question?

Please inbox us your your email and application #  on facebook page ( ) and  P-SEA Team will be happy to help you.